Roberto Aarnio

Student, graphic design, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Roberto has participated in designing the visual image of the project.

Tuomas Aatola

Senior lecturer, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Tuomas is a senior lecturer of visual communications at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. He also coordinates project businesses in the degree programme in Media. Tuomas has a strong resistance for change, including climate change. In the project Tuomas has acted as a mentor to the students responsible for the visual image of the project.

Elina Aho

Visual artist

Elina is working across fields of visual arts (drawing, painting, performance), adult art pedagogy, participatory work and artistic intervention. She holds a Master’s degree in Fine Art from the Glasgow School of Art, a specialization degree in Artistic interventions in Organisations from the University of the Arts, Helsinki, as well as a Master’s degree in Psychology from the University of Helsinki. Elina is enthusiastic about facilitating dialogue, reflexivity and learning via art-based methods, and arts for a social change in different communities. In this project Elina was mainly involved in pedagogical and visual issues, and she worked as an illustrator for the video Carbon Cycle.

Jaana Bäck

PhD, docent, Professor of forest-atmosphere interactions, University of Helsinki, Department of Forest Sciences

Jaana researches and teaches about the effects of climate change on forests, and on the other hand, about the effects of forests that mitigate climate change like carbon sequestration and formation of aerosol particles. She enjoys arts and nature such as hiking, gardening and working in her arboretum. Jaana participated in the planning and writing of the sections 2. Climate system, 4. Impacts and 7. Big issues.

Hannele Cantell

Ph.D, MA, adjuct professor, University of Helsinki

Hannele is working as teacher educator in University of Helsinki, Faculty of Behavioural Sciences. Her teaching and research branches are linked with learning and teaching of geography, environmental education and global education. She has also studied multidimensional phenomena-based learning and pedagogical interaction in classrooms. Hannele has written school-books and non-fiction literature for more than 25 years. In her free time she is singing in a choir, does gardening, spends time in her summer cottage and participates in various kinds of cultural activities. In project Hannele was acting as a member of the steering group.

Michael Child

M. Sc. (Tech), Lappeenranta University of Technology

Michael is currently a doctoral student at Lappeenranta University of Technology and a researcher for the Neo-Carbon Energy project, financed by Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation. His area of research is the transition of the Finnish energy system towards long-term sustainability. This work includes modelling and analysing transformational scenarios from an energy system perspective, integrated energy systems with high amounts of variable renewable energy production, and a special focus on power-to-gas and energy storage. In his spare time, Michael enjoys being active and spending time close to nature by hiking and searching for mushrooms in Finnish forests.

Sirkku Juhola

BA, M.Sc., PhD, docent, associate professor (urban environmental policy), University of Helsinki

Sirkku teaches environmental change and policy at the Department of Environmental Sciences. Main focus of her research is on climate change adaptation in societies, as well as wider sustainability challenges in the urban context. Sirkku participated in the design of parts 4. Impacts, 6. Adaptation and 7. Big issues and introduces the concept of climate risk in one of the videos. She is also a member of the steering group.

Timo Kallio

Student, graphic design, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Timo has participated in designing the visual image of the project.

Sampo Kerola

MA, Choreographer, Dance Teacher (AMK), Bachellor of Enviromental Engineering (AMK)

Sampo is interested in collaboration of science and arts in in order to make the world a better place to live in. He also developes art-based concepts and methods for working life. In this project Sampo has directed the videos, done the interviews and taken part in the planning of the concept.

Olli-Pekka Kirvesoja

Engineer, media technology, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Olli-Pekka took part in video production.

Markku Kulmala

PhD, Academy Professor, University of Helsinki, Department of Physics

Markku is the most cited geo scientist of the world since 2011 and has got many international awards. He leads the Finnish Centre of Excellence in Atmospheric Science, which has done several breakthroughs in the fields of forest-atmosphere interactions and formation of atmospheric aerosols research. Markku is a member of steering group

Tiina Kähö

M.Sc., Econ., Smart & Clean Foundation

Tiina is leading Helsinki Metropolitan Smart & Clean Foundation which is turning the Helsinki Metropolitan into a world-class test platform for clean and smart solutions that our urbanising world needs in order to reduce its dependence on fossil energy. Tiina was in charge of Sitra’s focus area Carbon-neutral Industry 2014-2016 in which she participated in the first steps of Sitra’s climate change teaching project and the pre-examination study for the project.

Liisa Lahti

M.Sc. Environmental Technology, part-time doctorate student. Specialist, Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra.

Liisa works at Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra at the Carbon-neutral industry focus area. At her free time Liisa wonders how the world goes around from a sail ship, forest or yoga studio. Liisa has been the project manager at Sitra´s part, organized the user testing, written the introduction of and helped during the duration of the project.

Anna Lehtonen

M.Ed. Doctoral Student of Climate Change Education, at the University of Helsinki, Department of Teacher Education

Anna’s background is in drama education, environmental education and primary school teaching. She is interested in philosophy, sociology, theatre, art and engaging people and their creative potential in social transformation into sustainability. In her free time Anna enjoys creative and cultural activities and wandering in nature. In this project Anna has been mainly involved in pedagogical issues, planning applied assignments and video production.

Maija Leino

M.Sc. (Tech.), Lappeenranta University of Technology

Currently Maija is doing her doctoral dissertation on the environmental sustainability of additive manufacturing (3D-printing) at different applications from a life-cycle point of view. In her free time Maija enjoys being active with orienteering, mushroom picking and playing Pokemon-Go. Maija participated in the planning and writing of the section 5. Mitigation.

Daniel Leiviskä

Student, graphic design, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Daniel has participated in designing the visual image of the project.

Lassi Linnanen

D.Sc.(Econ.), M.Sc.(Eng.), Professor of Environmental Economics and Management, Lappeenranta University of Technology

Lassi is a multiathlete of green economy with almost 20 years as a professor, 100 Master’s theses supervised and a number or research projects conducted. In addition, he has been a cleantech entrepreneur, a board member of several start-ups, and an advisor of companies and governments in almost every continent. In this project, he has been in charge of the section 5. Mitigation.

Nani Pajunen

D.Sc. (Tech.), Lic.Sc. (

Nani is working in Sitra´s Circular Economy team as a leading specialist. The target of the Circular Economy team of Sitra is to promote new sustainable business models and transition towards circular economy society. Nani also has a degree in teaching. Nani is a team player - doesn´t matter what is the game as long as there is a team. Nani´s aim is to save the world with an idea of sustainable business as a new normal. In the project Nani has worked both in the operational level and in the steering group.

Mari Pantsar

Ph.D., Director, Sitra

Mari leads the "Resource-wise and carbon-neutral society" theme area. This area aims to help Finland develop into an ecologically sustainable, competitive society. Before Sitra, Mari was the Strategic Director of the Finnish government's Cleantech Strategy Programme, the Programme Director of Finland's Cleantech Cluster and the Manager of Environmental Affairs at UPM. In addition, she has served on the boards of several cleantech companies. Mari has a PhD and holds the status of docent at Lappeenranta University of Technology and the University of Helsinki. Mari views ecological sustainability as the very basis of our future, rather than as an optional path. Mari enjoys sports and spending time at the countryside where she has sheep, cats and dogs. In this project Mari has been the chairman of the steering group.

Krista Petäjäjärvi

artist developer, drama instructor

Krista is passionate about how art can be used in new contexts and as a tool of societal transformation. She works as a freelance artist and an entrepreneur, developing organizations with the methods of theatre and performance art. She is also a teacher at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in the department of performing arts, and is the manager of the association Pro Soveltavan taiteen tila ry. In this project she worked especially with the applied assignments and with video production.

Anu Riikonen

M.Sc. (agriculture), University of Helsinki, Department of Forest Sciences

Anu’s doctoral thesis on trees in urban environments is soon to be published. Anu likes to do gardening - growing spinach has turned out to be quite a difficult task, but beans and beetroots are doing well. Anu participated in the planning and writing of sections 2. Climate system, 4. Impacts and 7. Big issues.

Laura Riuttanen

M.Sc., University of Helsinki, Department of Physics

Laura is a meteorologist, who is finalising her dissertation on air pollution and their climate effects. She also teaches climatology at the University of Helsinki. Laura is happy in the wild and has decided to save the world. Laura is the coordinator of the project. She corresponds to sections 1. Climate change – what is it about?, 2. Climate system and 3. The future of the climate and has taken part in all phases of the project.

Jouni Räisänen

PhD, adjunct professor in meteorology, University of Helsinki, Department of Physics

Jouni has analyzed climate model results since 1993 and has worked as a University Lecturer in meteorology since 2003. He still has nearly 45 % left of his 100 000 km lifetime skiing quota. Jouni has helped in preparing the sections 1. Climate change – what is it about?, 2. Climate system and 3. The future of the climate, including two of the videos.

Erkki Rämö

Lic.Tech on information technology, principal lecturer on media technology in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Erkki is a supervisor of final theses and other student projects in the field of media technology, especially audiovisual-projects. Erkki sings in a choir and is a fan of the music culture, maintains his garden and summer cottage, travels and is a grandfather for 14 kids. Erkki was the thesis supervisor of the video production team.

Aleksi Räsänen

PhD, M.Soc.Sc., post-doctoral researcher, University of Helsinki, Department of Environmental Sciences

Aleksi’s research is related to climate change adaptation and vulnerability as well as to remote sensing of vegetation and land cover. Aleksi enjoys to hike, run and ski outdoors. Aleksi participated in the planning and writing of the sections 4. Impacts, 6. Adaptation and 7. Big issues.

Sanna-Liisa Sihto-Nissilä

PhD, M.Sc.(Tech.), Aalto University, School of Science

Sanna-Liisa got her PhD in aerosols’ climate effects in 2013, and is now working as a post-doc at Aalto University in the group of New Energy Technologies. She also teaches a climate change course at Aalto University. Sanna-Liisa’s mission is to make all engineers enthusiastic about climate change. In freetime, Sanna-Liisa enjoys singing in a choir and doing handcrafts. Sanna-Liisa was responsible on writing about aerosols in sections 2. Climate system and 7. Big issues. She was involved in the very first steps of the project in 2014 and conducted a preliminary study for Sitra about the current state of climate change related studies in Finland.

Sakari Tolppanen

PhD, M.Sc.

Sakari has worked as a researcher and teacher at the University of Helsinki, Unit of Chemistry Teacher Training. His teaching and research expertise are in chemistry teacher training, sustainability education and environmental education. In his free time Sakari enjoys playing basketball, reading and playing board games. In this project Sakari’s main role has been to oversee the pedagogical aspects of the course, planning applied assignments and writing the teachers’ guide and the instructions for the learning diary.

Aija Töytäri

Licentiate of Health Sciences, University of Jyväskylä, Department of Health Sciences

Aija finalizes her dissertation on higher education teacher´s competence. Aija works as a Counsellor of Education in Ministry of Education and Culture, Department for Higher Education and Science Policy. Aija`s hobbies are physical exercises and she spends a lot of time in nature at lakeside cottage, picking berries, swamps and fishing, always when she has time from dissertation. Aija acts in steering group as an advisor of higher education. She has also taken part in sparing of pedagogical solutions.

Siiri-Maria Valli

student, media technology, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Siiri-Maria is doing her Bachelor’s Thesis on videos. On her free time she walks her dog, does sports and takes part to a student theatre “Metkan speksi”, for example as a dancer, set designer and producer. Siiri-Maria took part in video production.

Timo Vesala

PhD, Doc, Academy Professor (meteorology), University of Helsinki, Department of Physics

Timo teaches and researches micrometeorology and biogeochemical cycles, i.e. air flow dynamics close to the surface, transport of energy and matter, as well as energy and carbon flows in forests, wetlands, lakes and urban environments. His hobbies are movies, tennis, birds and card games. Timo wrote a part of the section 2. Climate system.

Yrjö Viisanen

PhD, Director, Research and Development, Finnish Meteorological Institute

Yrjö is a member of steering group.

Pekka Virtanen

Engineer, media technology, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Pekka did his Barchelor’s Thesis on post-production of the -videos. Nowadays he is an editor of commercials at theWoodpecker Film -company. Pekka loves music, which he also composes himself and plays in a band. In project Pekka was responsible of the video production and has composed the music on the videos.